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Duck Life 4

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ducklife4Duck Life is back with even better graphics and new levels in the 4th edition of the popular game. Welcome to the homepage of Duck Life 4 - a game where you will become a real duck trainer and win different tournaments with your duck. You are going to dive in this game for hours, are you ready ?

The main mission of the player in Duck Life 4 is still the same - to level up your duck and win the competitions. This is very important because winning tournament will unlock new maps and new accessories in the shop. There are 6 maps that you will unlock during the game : Swamp,Mountains,Grassland and others. Unlocking new maps is not an easy task - before entering the competition you must tran your duck to rise running,swimming and climbing skills. Then you can get an invitation to join the tournament. Golden Coins in the Duck Life 4 are very important. You earn coins every time you make a try to win a race. If you enter the game shop you will find a lot of interesting stuff to buy for your coins.  Duck Life 4 is a great game and in my opinion it is the best in the whole series. Now you can play the full version of the Duck Life 4 for free at 4DuckLife.com